Young Life Club - The Best Hour of the Week!

Young Life meets on Tuesday nights, in the homes of students. Club starts at 7:30 pm and crams more fun into one hour than you ever thought possible!  Whether students are competing to eat a lemon, balance donuts on their forehead or guess the name of that song....there will be FUN!!  

Club is open to anyone who is in high school or of high school age. You don't have to join, there are no dues, and there is no initiation. All that's required is a desire to kick back, hang out with your friends, and have fun! Just show up on any Tuesday night and get ready to have some good, real fun!

MONDAYS  7:37 pm
Details for the weekly location are listed on our FB page or follow YL on Instagram. Bring your friends - and bring $ to go with us to McDonald's afterward!


​Jess Garry
Kayla McDevitt
Blair Hunt
Branden Murphy

(the best week of your life!)

July 12-17  Rockbridge
​​​​(a time to learn and grow)
Every Sunday night 7:30-8:45 pm

​​​(diving deeper in God's Word)
Friday mornings 6:15 am
at Sam's Bagels

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Phone: 443-928-7658

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